Aspects and Characteristics of Elegant Design in 2015

Characteristics of Elegant Design in 2015

A trend has an era, and we can see it changing in every time period. This could happen every year or every once in few years. The same thing applies to home decoration. While back ago, we could easily find reading material online sharing the images describing the elegant looks of interior design that in general consists of flamboyance, layers of fabrics and passementerie. This year, we are not going to see the same thing again as elegance in today’s design has a slightly different looks.

So, how does the elegance in this year’s design look like? If you were currently in a search for information about the latest interior design for your upcoming project, then you should finish reading this article. There is information for those who want to learn about the characteristics of this year’s elegant design shared below. Compared to the previous version of elegance, the elegance in 2015 comes with more sleek and minimalist idea.

Characteristics of Elegant Design in 2015

Clean Lines and Minimalism

The recent modern home models come with less ornament, which means there would be enough space that can make the dwellers free from the feel of clutter.  Less ornament could also mean saving energy for maintenance. When we have less ornament in the room, there will be not much of items to hold or to hide the dust.

Characteristics of Elegant Design in 2015

Apart from the minimalism, the elegance in 2015 also comes with clean lines. Remove all the elaborate furniture and replace them with the simpler ones, then the clean lines will be appearing. The space generated by using the minimalist furniture would give us a little relief from an intense life we have in modern life. The clean lines also unleash the true characteristic of the building complete with its design element and architectural element as well.

What is left for those who want to display their personality through furniture or ornaments? Well, though clean lines will be the main characteristic of elegant design, it does not mean we cannot get cozy elegant home if we displayed our favorite books or artwork collections in the living room. Showing our true side is elegant too, and displaying stuff that represent the true side of us can be the shortcut in bringing the elegance into our home.

Characteristics of Elegant Design in 2015

 A Tech-Savvy Home is Sleek and Elegant

There is no doubt that a gadget has become the part of many people’s life. Cell phone, computer, tablet, a music player, they can be found easily around many people’s homes, and this ruins the elegant design. So, is there any solution regarding this?

For those who have been looking for solution to make their home looks more elegantly without throwing away all the gadgets they have, making your home as tech-savvy and sleek as possible could turn out to be great option. Many homebuilders now have integrated technology into their home design. Almost everything they built for the tech-savvy design has been modified to fit the recent lifestyle. This includes smart automation, energy efficiency, built-in charging stations, virtual climate control, and virtual security. Basically, their design allows us to control almost everything in our home from the distance.

Characteristics of Elegant Design in 2015

Elegant Colors for 2015

Color has been a very important aspect of home design. Choosing the right one is the key to create the atmosphere we want, but this could turn out to be a very challenging task for many homeowners because people have their own choice and all can be perfect if mixed perfectly. Without a doubt, this is a tough job to choose the right one that can make our home looks elegant. Many homeowners decided to call the service from the professional to handle this task.

As the other aspects of 2015’s elegant design do, the color options for creating elegant looks shifted too. Speaking about color, Marsala starts to gain more popularity this year.  Many people in interior design scene believe that this reddish burgundy color is ‘subtly seductive; one that draws us into its embracing warmth’. Unfortunately, not all the people in the scene agree with that by saying that the color can make them feel bored.

Characteristics of Elegant Design in 2015

As for the alternative, there is this Chrysalis palette— a palette of muted, soft grayish-greens. The Sherwin-Williams previously had predicted top 40 colors for 2015, and now their prediction seems to be very accurate since some of them are now becoming the chosen color to bring the touch of elegance into the home.

So, what is the elegance in design for this year? From everything we have shared above, we have come to the summary. Elegance design in 2015 is the one that consists of the mixture of minimalism, clean lines, eclectic mixes, and muted color.

Now, you already have the picture of how does elegance look like and know what makes a home elegant. It is your time to play with all those aspects and create your own elegant home.