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Bathroom Countertops Options

Selecting appropriate countertops for your bathroom can be quite easy, but it can also be very difficult. Many choices given by manufacturer can be very confusing. However, there are some basic factors that you need to consider before selecting the appropriate one beyond so many bathroom countertops options. Firstly, bathroom countertops should be non-porous. Bathroom countertop continuously gets dirty because the frequent use of it every day. Non-porous materials will make it easy to be cleaned up. Secondly, bring the functionality besides the style. It is not likely the kitchen countertops; selecting bathroom countertops can be much easier. This article will give you some bathroom countertops options to use in your lovely bathroom.

Bathroom Countertops Options Bathroom Countertops Options

Inexpensive Bathroom Countertop Options

Tile Countertops

Tile countertops are bathroom countertops options which are non-porous and have good resistance to scratches. It is a very versatile option, so you can apply it on the various bathroom styles. The versatility comes from so many options in sizes and colors. Tile countertop is also a good choice because it can give you luxurious look in your bathroom and keep to save your money. Ceramic tiles are very popular it is easy to clean. It does not need sealant and it will not stain.

Bathroom Countertops Options1 Bathroom Countertops Options

Bathroom Tile countertops

Granite Countertops

The other bathroom countertops options are granite countertops. Granite is an igneous rock which is formed from magma. There are many colors of granite, start from dark granite to the light one. Granite is very tough and hard. The good advantage of using this material for your countertop is that it is excellent in durability. It is also unique. You can update the look of your granite countertops very easily, because its slab is always different. Although it can be the same in color, but it will have different pattern. Like the tile countertop, granite countertop is also comfortable with any décor, non-porous and easily be cleaned up.

Bathroom Countertops Options2 Bathroom Countertops Options

Granite countertops Bathroom

Concrete Countertops

In the bathroom countertops options, concrete countertop has some advantages, such as it is practical, expressive, and aesthetic. You can transform the concrete into any shape that becomes a solid mass. You can even embed beautiful or meaningful things inside it. In other word, unlikely the natural stone, it can be customized. It can also save your money. The price will be depending on the difficulties to shape and to process it. It is not recommended to slice directly on the surface of concrete countertop. Unlike the granite countertop, concrete countertop can be scratched much more easily. Immediate heat and abuse can also harm your countertop.

Bathroom Countertops Options3 Bathroom Countertops Options

Concrete Countertops Bathroom

Marble Countertops

Marble is a metamorphic rock. It changes from its original; formed from sedimentary process. The purest marble is white. Under the extreme heat, it can be re-crystallized. The good point of marble countertops in the bathroom countertop options is that it has fancy details. You can cut it and work with it by do it yourself. It is also good in durability and resist to heat. There are some disadvantages of this countertop. It can be easily scratched and stained. It is also not easy to repair it.

Bathroom Countertops Options4 Bathroom Countertops Options

Bathroom Marble countertops

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