Beautiful Home with Colorful Design Resembling the Seasonal Changes

Different theme could bring different feeling. That is what the Elina Dasira Interior & lighting design studio tries to prove through its colorful home project. Inspired with the seasonal changes, the studio turned a home for young couple in Chania, Crete into a special place to live in. Through the design, the owner can appear […]

Bright Multi-functional Apartment by Pawel Sokol and Hanka Bajer

Working together makes things a lot of easier. Perhaps, that is what the Polish designers, Pawel Sokol and Hanka Bajer of Polish Exit Interior Design Studio try to achieve. Designing a contemporary dwelling can be so challenging, but they successfully made one that is so appealing aesthetically. The idea behind this Eko Park 3 apartment […]

Classic-Style Apartment in Ospedaletti

Classic-Style Apartment in Ospedaletti – Extending the design of the high quality life, NG-studio visualize the inner part of this apartment with classic-style apartment by combining architecture component and traditions from the Italian Riviera and ?ote d’Azur. This classic home is build in a charming abode in Ospedaletti, on the seashore of the Ligurian Sea in […]

Apartment with Great Decoration in Moscow by Kirill Istomin

At a very first glance, most of us would be easily mistaken it for a Manhattan loft. Its decoration that consists of wallpapers, furniture and fabrics from the United States would guide our mind to false perception. This is an eclectic apartment in Moscow creation of designer Kirill Istomin. The basic idea of the designer […]

Beautiful Apartment with Scandinavian Design in Sweden

Every design has its characteristic, and it is unique in its way. Artistic decorations and random color selections that have been the basic elements to create the Scandinavian design are so nice to see. Here is another example of a dwelling built with Scandinavian design. The 95 square meter apartment in Stockholm comes with so […]

Modern Design of Two-Room Apartment in Sweden

Choosing the right environment can make your life better. The two-room apartment in Sweden offers not only more than just livable environment, but also aesthetically appealing place to live. This two-room apartment can be the perfect place to live for those who have been longing for a place with modern layout. Built in an old […]