Pratt And Lambert Paint Colors

Pratt And Lambert Paint Colors – For many home designer, Painting is considered as most impactful element when decorating your home. A color chart is your key to succeed when creating a fabulous and beautiful room. By using a color chart, it helps us to pick the right color. You might find it is quite […]

Get Unique Colors of Americana through Paint Conversion Chart Americana

Mix and match is something common in home decoration. This helps us to find the harmony in design. Usually we would do this when we cannot find the most suitable combination for the room, when we feel that there is nothing we can do with the materials we have, and then mix and match could […]

Glidden Paint Color Chart

The Glidden paint color chart is a very reliable tool that can help you make easier decision in choosing the suitable color palette combination for your room. Although the color chart is a very useful tool, there are still some things left to consider. Statistics have shown that most people try 3-5 different color palettes […]

Custom Made Stencils for Glass Etching

Sometimes, the glass etching stencils offered by many manufacturers just don’t suit our taste or vision of the glass decoration. That is why today we are going to show you how to make a custom made stencils for glass etching. As you may have known, the most commonly used tool for engraving glass is stencils. […]

Weighing Option of Painting or Wallpaper

Optimizing the walls can be a very effective way to change the atmosphere of the room. When budget becomes the limit, opting for more budget-friendly plan can really save your project. In home renovation, optimizing the wall to change the decoration is a popular option among the homeowners. Many people believe that this can really […]

Paint Colors Living Room Suggestions

Living room is known to have important role in your home. This room is used to welcome the guests who are visiting or home owners simply spend their time with their family member here. Due to this reason, living room should be designed in a way where it is not only comfortable but also attractive. […]

Laura Ashley Paint Color Chart

Laura Ashley will be good option for your home painting. The company started its business as woman’s clothing designer. Some years ago, they began to manufacture home painting. They offer more than 285 colors for their consumers. All the color collections offered are beautiful. You will be able to find the best color for your […]

Damask Wall Stencil Designs

Damask Wall Stencil Designs. We were always a fan of wall stencil. Our home was filled with wallpapers, and we felt that it was the time to have a major decoration change, especially in our living room. However, simply replacing the wallpaper doesn’t seem right, so we finally get the idea to use a refreshing […]

Reason why We should Check the Dunn Edwards Paint Color Chart

[youtube id=”D-Xnn1CQ3VQ” width=”620″ height=”360″] Liven up the room still becomes the trending project among many homeowners to date. Various methods, furniture, and remodeling plan have been tried and offered to homeowners, but there are still some of homeowners who feel that those things do not make significant changes to their room. Perhaps, this is because […]

Warm Grey Paint Colors – Natural Option for Your Home

Warm Grey Paint Colors. Grey is one of the most favorite colors chosen by many home owners. This color is especially liked since it provides natural atmosphere for home. Grey is warmer than white color but not too bright for your eyes. Another reason why it is liked by many people since the color is […]

Faux Finish Ideas – Perfect to Improve Your Home Decoration

The history of faux painting begins years ago, when our ancestors lived in cave. They use this art as part of their telecommunication system with others, not only for decoration. Some theories also tell that pictures found on the cave are part of their ceremonies. In modern era, faux painting reemerges again as alternative option […]

Color Wheel Interior Design

To me color wheel interior design is the art of using color to establish the mood and style of your interior paint layout. Whenever I’ve taken on the job of choosing bathroom paint or attempting to pick the perfect complementary color of material to go with our new interior paint color I find it is […]