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Frosted Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

A frosted glass kitchen cabinet doors is getting more and more attention lately. It is one of the variations to the standard transparent glass kitchen cabinet doors. There are other alternatives, such as patterned, textured, and seeded glasses. However, this time we are going to focus on the frosted one.

In general, having a glass touch in your cabinet is a great way to somewhat brag about your kitchen utensil collection. You can place your prized glassware, dinnerware, etc. In addition, it also adds a nice design touch compared to the traditional wooden doors, giving your kitchen a more updated look. Here are some of the reasons why you may be interested in installing a frosted glass kitchen cabinet doors:

Frosted Glass Cabinet Door Fronts

Frosted Glass Cabinet Door Fronts

Frosted Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors Pros:

  1. Adding a nice, modern look to the kitchen.
  2. It’s a great way to display valuable collection.
  3. Alternatively, you can use it to easily find things in your cabinets
  4. It can make the kitchen feels airier.
  5. The glass cabinet doors reflect lights wonderfully, allowing a brighter kitchen.
  6. It is suitable for almost any type of cabinet.

In addition, a frosted glass kitchen cabinet doors looks amazing with some light inside, furtherly enhance the display.

Needless to say, the main cons for a glass kitchen cabinet door is that it’s prone to shatter. A glass is still a glass, so any accidental hit to the surface may cause the glass to shatter. Therefore, the best kind of glass would be the strong one. For example, you can opt for plexi-glass based doors, or ask a custom plastic covering to prevent unwanted shattered shards.

Frosted Glass Front Kitchen Cabinets

Frosted Glass Front Kitchen Cabinets

The maintenance is also a bit tricky, although in general it’s pretty easy. Because glasses tend to attract dirt more than wood, you may need to do a more frequent cleaning. Be careful about the way you clean them. Avoid spraying glass cleaner directly, because the cleaner may run down and slip into the wood. Overtime, this will cause damage to your wooden frame of your cabinet. It is preferable to spray the glass cleaner to a clean, soft cloth and wipe the glass carefully. Right after that, use a clean, dry cloth to absorb the remaining moisture.

If you want to have a nice glass touch to your kitchen while keeping everything inside a secret, you can opt for the opaque frosted glass cabinet door. This is a great way to hide the mess, because the regular frosted will still display them, especially the ones with bright colors such as a bright red or yellow containers. It would be even better if you can spare a little time to keep things organized in your cabinet.

Minimalist Modern Kitchen with Frosted Glass Cabinets

Minimalist Modern Kitchen with Frosted Glass Cabinets

Overall, frosted glass kitchen cabinet doors are a great way to add a cool, modern, and sleek feel to the kitchen. Some glasses are more opaque than others, the less opaque works great with inside lights because it acts like a display for your antique sets, while the opaque ones is great for keeping unorganized things.

We hope that this guide can help you choose the right one. You can add this glass to your old cabinet and have a fresh look, or you can build / buy the new one all together.

Images: decoist.com, violetdesigns.co.uk.

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