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Kasokudo Bonsai Planter – the Natural Meets Latest Technology

Kasokudo Bonsai Planter

At a very first glance, no one would find out that the product created by designer Adrian Magu is a combination work. However, as soon as he explained everything about his work, then we would find out that it is not just the designer’s interest in nature that molds the Kasokudo Bonsai Planter. He also put the other side of him into his work. Working in an automotive industry allows him to see the beauty of the design used in transportation manufacturing process, and this is what he combines with his interest in nature. The unique mixture between his appreciation to the nature and the inspiration he gets from working in automotive industry brings him to the idea to create this bonsai planter with unconventional shape and elegant black-gray silhouette, a very suitable additional for modern décor.

Kasokudo Bonsai Planter

When looking at this bonsai planter, we would see a little bit of tone of acceleration usually appears in automotive. Furthermore, the designer decided to add the 3d printed mountains and applying the latest manufacturing processes to his planter. That allows all the aspects mixed together making the contrast, the perfect precision of modern life meets the imperfect natural beauty. So, what do you think?

Kasokudo Bonsai Planter

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