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Pirate Ship Inspired Bedroom Brings Back Your Childhood Memories

Pirate Ship Inspired Bedroom

What makes our childhood so memorable? The answer may vary on each person, but, in general, all the things we can remember about our childhood will always be its excitement. Without a doubt, the excitement while playing with friends when we are at very young age will stay in our mind forever. If you missed all of the excitements in your childhood, now you have the chance to bring them back. One of the most possible ways to get back all those memories is by redecorating our bedroom. For pirate enthusiasts, here is your chance to feel the excitement of playing to be a pirate. The beautiful pirate inspired bedroom by Steve Kuhl will guide you to find your excitement of playing as a pirate.

Pirate Ship Inspired Bedroom

The excitement starts from the higher floor. There is a hole completed with a slide in the wall that can bring you to the actual bedroom. Right before your eyes, there will be a large ship hanging from the ceiling. We can access the ship by using the wooden rope bridge. The designers took the design seriously. To create the frame of the ship, the designers used 2×12 ribs and covering them with layers of 1/2 inch plywood to act as the planking. For the finishing touch, the team choose to polish the ship with the mixture of plaster and epoxy with integrated coloring to imitate the looks of an old ship. The team also completes the decoration by adding the custom steel doors that also serves as the base of the rope bridge.

Pirate Ship Inspired Bedroom

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