10 Kitchen Trends for 2015

10 Kitchen Trends for 2015

In this modern time, the kitchen is not being assembled for only cooking. Instead, it’s getting to be a multipurpose room that concurrently allow restaurant – worthy meals to be made while also acting as the heart of all conversation, social gatherings, dining, and festivities.

We understand that kitchens seem to truly have a magic power of pulling in the party – but in 2015, it’s a party room with greater than one purpose.

So, let’s ring in the new year right with a new, en vogue kitchen, and look at the hottest kitchen styles for 2015:

10 Kitchen Trends for 2015

1. Bring on Bold Color

2015 is the year to provide your kitchen a daring upgrade. This means not being afraid to add just a little color to your decor at which you mightn’t have expected it. Occasionally it takes the creation of contrast to get the aesthetic appearance you are aiming for and colors that are bold are ‘it’ in 2015.

This year, try to paint your cupboards any bold color (light or dark). The eye is naturally drawn by these bodacious shades in and create a focal point.

Make sure you pull on all of your main kitchen features in an updated and modern manner by balancing bold colors with lighter neutral tones throughout.

10 Kitchen Trends for 2015

2. Industrial Lighting

Your kitchen must be well-lit in order to keep up with your culinary adventures, but also provide the perfect location for conversation and mingling to occur at get-togethers.

Industrial-design lighting is very on trend for 2015. What does this design look like? Well, it varies, but below are some crucial elements to look for:

  • Black steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Wire caging in place of sconces
  • Clear glass and old-fashioned style light bulbs
  • Copper or brass
  • Rivets and other industrial hardware

10 Kitchen Trends for 2015

3. Industrial Kitchen Island

For 2015, the popular kitchen style is an industrious one. Kitchens are taking on a fresh style thanks to popular cooking shows that show industrial kitchens which are outfitted with all of the eatery-quality fixings.

The kitchen island remains the heart of the kitchen, but thanks to these television shows in part, the island has changed. Mobile kitchen islands are all the style and there is a clear reason for their rise in fame. Assembled with efficiency and function in mind a mobile island provides you with the advantage of extra counter space, without limitations on your own kitchen floor plan.

Kitchen islands which can be moved from place to place open up possibilities for space in your kitchen you would not have with a stationary island. And the design of isle has begun to mimic a more industrial standard with stainless steel shelves and steel wheels.

10 Kitchen Trends for 2015

4. High Efficiency

Effectiveness is all the rage, when discussing kitchen tendencies for 2015. There is no better place to put efficiency into practice than with your pantry shelves. Your kitchen pantry supports all your essential kitchen items and should be a priority as it pertains to your kitchen upgrade.

Pull out pantry shelves not only make basically painless, although the search for the right ingredient more easy. Shelves that pull out mean you are able to see everything at once and just as simply rearrange.

Make this the year that you remove kitchen stress by combine a set of pull out pantry shelves. You will kiss the days of digging in the dreary farewell when you are finally able to visualize what you really have in that pantry and find it within seconds.

10 Kitchen Trends for 2015

5. Vertical Kitchen Drawers

This year in a similar vein of organizational believed, why don’t you look into adding some vertical drawers to your kitchen? There is no rule that says kitchen drawers need to be constructed horizontally, and if something comes along that offer life more easy, 2015 should be the year to incorporate it in your kitchen.

Designers are joining (and sometimes hiding) these tall drawers in the several unusual places, taking advantage of otherwise wasted wall space.

This style of drawer also works nicely for those small and occasionally hard-to-store items like spices.

10 Kitchen Trends for 2015

6. Kitchen Island Have a New Job

Kitchen islands are getting to be more than just a homework or serving station in 2015 – they are acting as decor and home furnishings. This year, modify your kitchen from culinary base to display case together with the addition of a kitchen island that is unique.

Consider integrating mirror or glass doors on island storage units, by adding lower shelving units for storage or refurbish an old barn table into an island. No matter the design you choose, start to consider your island as a style statement.

The island in the picture below absolutely makes an impact!

10 Kitchen Trends for 2015

7. Kitchen Flooring

As stated by architect Stephen Alton, flooring choices for 2015 are going to be astounding, especially in regards to the kitchen. Porcelain is definitely going to be a popular flooring choice this year, especially for all those on tighter budgets.

Available in many varying colors, patterns, and textures, porcelain continues as long, if not longer than many other flooring products – despite the images of fine china that the name suggests.

Like the ones shown in the picture below, more intricate floor tiles will probably be popular for all those with higher-end budgets.

10 Kitchen Trends for 2015

8. Tiles Are Everywhere

2015 is undoubtedly appearing to be the year of the tile as far as kitchen design is concerned. Not super challenging to set up and available with interesting grouting options, there is no reason to stop with a backsplash when placing tiles in your kitchen – why not cover a whole wall?

Think about tiling the inside of your kitchen sink – it is valuable on several levels. Not merely does it provide a water resistant surface, however, allows for easy cleaning that is also gratifying to the eye. Multicolored tiles in your sink give your kitchen a pleasure edge that enables you to integrate bold hues you mightn’t be brave enough to try on backsplashes or primary walls.

Tiles will bring a spirited life to your kitchen decor that simply was not there before.

10 Kitchen Trends for 2015

9. Brass Is Back

Sometimes the greatest decor trends are seen in the details. Your kitchen isn’t an exception to this rule.

The gleam of brass features can turn your kitchen into a very beautiful space. Think brass facets, brass knobs, handles and shiny brass pendants.

Whenever this shine it too much for your tastes, additionally, try toned down copper details instead. Either way, these gold-hued metals are very now.

10 Kitchen Trends for 2015

10. Kitchens Get Smart

In case your smartphone can’t do it, then it can not be done, right? For many this is true, which is the reason why smart technology is evolved around by a current trend in kitchens.

Take, for instance, the Anova Preciseness Cooker. This Bluetooth-enabled device allows you connect to your cellphone, search recipes and integrate the recommended cooking times and temps in order for your food comes out perfect each and every time.

Additionally, you will need to adopt charging stations in your kitchen design – there are several hidden options to be found that will not take away from the decor. Think about adding some unique technology to your kitchen, making it ‘smarter’ in 2015.

10 Kitchen Trends for 2015

Whether you decide to integrate all of these interesting ideas or one, it is time to give your kitchen the stylish boost it deserves for the year to come. Functioning as the main heartbeat of your home, setting some time and energy into modest upgrades can go a long way towards making your kitchen the haven it’s intended to be for family and friends.

Make this year the one that takes your kitchen from conventional to sublime. With a focus on functionality, efficiency, and personal taste, you can not go wrong.

What trend would you like to add to your kitchen this year?