Modern Design of Two-Room Apartment in Sweden

Choosing the right environment can make your life better. The two-room apartment in Sweden offers not only more than just livable environment, but also aesthetically appealing place to live. This two-room apartment can be the perfect place to live for those who have been longing for a place with modern layout. Built in an old […]

Magnetika Wall System for Bathroom Furnishing

Magnetika Wall System offer an innovative design to furnish your bathroom and it’s was created by Ferruccio Tasinato. Magnetika is a metal panel for the wall by Ronda Design. The bathroom fairly as you want it. Magnetic is the answer to customise and accessorise your bathroom. Magnetika is a modern design of furnishing bathroom atmospheres […]

Barstools by Winners Only Furniture

Started to join the tight competition in the furniture industry in 1988, Winners Only is now known as one of the reliable furniture manufacturers in the market. The reason why it can survive in the tight competition is no other than its quality products that scattered throughout retailers in United States. It does not stop […]

Duron Paint Color Chart

Appropriate room color will help you to build a circumstance in every part of your house. It will bring mood to the whole family members. It can also further bring out your personality into the rooms. Find color for you room can be very simple, but sometimes it can be a problem. That is why […]

Amazing Attic Duplex With Glass Flooring in Stockholm, Sweden

[youtube id=”VpHAtNu_0xU” width=”620″ height=”360″] This stylish attic duplex reflecting light in each room can be found on Norrbackagatan, a picturesque street in Stockholm, Sweden. Covering a total surface 1,260 sq ft and spread on two levels, the stylish Scandinavian apartment invites for up close exploration. Furniture and white walls visually take over the space, vie […]

Interesting Coastal Cottage Decorating Ideas

We have been searching for days for coastal cottage decorating ideas. After a tremendous amount of effort we have finally compile this tips and ideas you can use in your beach cottage. These tips we are giving you are also applicable to any in-town houses to achieve that drastic retreat from busy days at work. […]

Benefits of Modern Prefabricated Homes

There are two options of home which are traditional and prefabricated home. The traditional home is commonly constructed by workmen on a site. However, the prefabricated house is constructed in factory. To make it simple, modern prefabricated homes is sections of prefab home which is constructed in large pieces in a factory before it is […]

Decorative Pillows Make Wonderful Home Decor

Decorative Pillows Make Wonderful Home Decor  – Decorative pillows make fantastic house design devices and be available in a selection of designs and materials. The primary kinds one will discover are needlepoint, stitched, hooked, silk, and also Aubusson. Tasseled and also corded Tuscany decorative pillow gives a attractive and elegant appearance to your living room. […]