Slate Street Townhouse – Modern Look Camouflaging Brooklyn Roots

Hiding its Brooklyn roots inside a fashionable look, the State Street Townhouse by architects and owners Christine and Ben Hansen is an interesting mixture of new and old. This family crib in New York, USA, inspires light and openness throughout, as well as an excellent connection to the outside. The backyard, complete with bbq place […]

Commercial Bathroom Stalls

Bathroom privacy is one of the most important aspects for commercial bathroom. Many bathroom users concern about bathroom privacy when using restroom in public facility. If you are business owner and you concern about your consumer’s comfort, you need to consider this aspect. To guarantee your consumer’s comfort, you need to install commercial bathroom stalls. […]

Simple Yet Wonderful Landscape Ideas for Front Yard

Landscape Ideas for Front Yard – If you’re becoming bored with your typical front yard that generally would be patch of a mailbox, grass and garden flag. Only open your mind and with an imagination that is little, there are many front yard landscaping ideas might be applied. Following are three simple ideas for your […]

The Flagship Project – The House with Californian Style to Honor The Beauty of Californian Beaches

[youtube id=”0K9sE6JRSxc” width=”620″ height=”360″] What would come cross into your mind when heard about California? Perhaps, most of us would agree that beach would come first. Californian beaches are famous for their beauty. They provide tourists with place to enjoy their vacation. Peggy Dupuis realizes the beauty of these beaches, and decides to make something […]

Best Home Design Software

Home design program is very useful for home designing process. The program allows you to plan your home design in your computer. You are able to set up home, kitchen, room, or landscape online. The program offers the ability for the users to view the project in 3D. By using the program, you will be […]

Home Interior Decorating Ideas

Home Interior Decorating Ideas – Is it time again to consider enhancing the inside of your house? Are you enthused with regards to this opportunity or are you frustrated? Does the thought enhancing the interior or your house make you intend to miss community or does it make you distressed and also delighted? When it […]

Modern Interior by Tolicci Design Studio

Art. Alexandra Krajcovicova and Ing. Tomas Belica has produce light, airy and modern interior with contrasting components. This is a 48,3 m2 space transformed by Tolicci Design Studio become a comfortable gathering area for all family. The sketch for this project depend on the client’s requests: producing lighted, airy interior accompanied by contrasting features as […]

Kasokudo Bonsai Planter – the Natural Meets Latest Technology

At a very first glance, no one would find out that the product created by designer Adrian Magu is a combination work. However, as soon as he explained everything about his work, then we would find out that it is not just the designer’s interest in nature that molds the Kasokudo Bonsai Planter. He also […]

Marc Michaels Interior Design in Boca Raton

Marc Michaels Interior Design Inc. is recognized worldwide as a full-service interior design firm specializing in comprehensive interior detailing and space planning. Clients who want a highly differentiated product choose Marc-Michaels for artistic and beautiful interiors designed to create consumer desire and ultimately drive sales. With an active private residential practice, Marc-Michaels’ design teams have […]

Bedroom Furniture Arrangement Tips

When we talk about bedroom furniture, we also talk about the arrangement. It is impossible to push every interesting piece you found if you have a small bedroom. On the other hands, having a large bedroom is quite tricky too, because you can’t have too many alterations to the decoration flow. A decor disaster often […]

Faux Finish Ideas – Perfect to Improve Your Home Decoration

The history of faux painting begins years ago, when our ancestors lived in cave. They use this art as part of their telecommunication system with others, not only for decoration. Some theories also tell that pictures found on the cave are part of their ceremonies. In modern era, faux painting reemerges again as alternative option […]